The first product of it’s kind. A Hybrid data storage service that brings a web based interface, multi-platform capability, superior speed, data encryption, reliability, and local access to your data, with local support! Zenguardian is an on-site, off-site, replicating, file and image based backup system in one package! A complete replacement for your existing backup system, and enhancement to your business continuity plans.

Ask yourself these three questions

  1. Do I have a reliable backup system?
  2. How long does it take to restore my data?
  3. If the facility was a total loss due to fire or theft, how long would it take to return to operation?

Example Scenarios:
Small Business
You have 5 workstations, a central server with your customer contracts, promotional documents and quickbooks accounting data.  You currently backup by copying the data to a flash drive or your local workstation because you have the space.  Where could you go wrong?  Most small businesses fail or spend a significant amount of money returning to operations after a fire, theft or virus infection.  The current method does not allow you to go back in time to an archive, maintenance for you is a hassle, and in the event of fire or theft you just hope you remembered to take home that flash drive, but what will it take to get back into operation?

A: Zenguardian Local will protect all of your files onto a USB or NAS Storage device in your office.  Viruses are no problem because you can restore your system back to it’s last safe operating stage.  Fire? Zenguardian off-site storage keeps your data current where the flames can’t reach.

Large Business
You have 3 servers, and support a Microsoft SQL based accounting system, use Microsoft Exchange for Email, Sharepoint for your Intranet, and central file sharing for the company documents.  You have been using Backup Exec to backup to Tape but are unhappy with the performance, and the reality of how you would restore it after a critical event.  You want to upgrade but 3 copies of the backup software and SQL/Exchange modules are over $7,000!

A: Deploy a dedicated ZenGuardian backup server on-site with a terabyte of Raid 1 backup space, use replication to securely move the backups off-site or deploy your own dedicated off-site ZenGuardian server. Feel comfortable in knowing you can completely recover a server, or multiple servers from scratch and restore all of your data to be up in operating in a few hours, instead of a few weeks.

Traveling SalesPerson
You were on the plane for hours working out the best presentation of your career on your laptop and cleaning up the company marketing materials.  You arrive at your hotel hop on the Internet, check your e-mail and get some much needed sleep before your the presentation.  The next day during the conference your laptop is stolen, all of your e-mail, presentations and material you need are gone, probably forever.

A: Your Corporate IT department insisted you deploy ZenGuardian Client on your laptop.  They set up a backup job to save everything you work on, and to retain your e-mail.  Last night as you slept, your laptop updated the backup so all of your current data is there.  One call to the IT department has solved your problem. The IT team purchased another laptop, configured the software, restored all your data and overnighted it with all of your data to save the deal.  Without Zenguardian you just fly home empty handed.

Corporate Officer at Home
Your office is a zoo, your in the middle of an acquisition and can’t seem to narrow down the final details and decide to go home and get the final details done. You negotiate the deal, clean up your contracts and decide to take a break. The kids are home after school and want to show you this great new on-line game they found so you relent, only to have your machine infested with spyware, your antivirus software didn’t detect this new strain, your documents are infected, your e-mail is sending out stories of Anna Kournikova and infecting others. Now what?
A: Luckily under the advisement of your IT staff you have been using ZenGuardian Local to a USB hard drive. A full image of your computer was generated two weeks ago, and immediate file backup has been in place the entire time. You can restore your machine to it’s healthy self, and the last versions of the documents you just finished.

Let the network engineers at CSS show you how to sleep better at night, knowing your data is successfully stored in multiple locations and ready for quick restoration in the event of fire, theft, spyware or building condemnation! All in one easy to maintain solution.