What do you mean Hybrid?
Zenguardian is an on-site, off-site, replicating, file and image based backup system in one package!

Tired of our current backup software and worried about your next restore?
Are you still trying to find higher capacity tapes so you can take them home with you? Would you like the ability to archive locally and off-site in your timeframe? For as little as $25/Month you can start running a reliable backup system that you can depend on. If you have used Arcserve(tm), Backup Exec(tm), Acronis(tm) or any other server based backup product you know how much they cost, and how often they fail.

Real Multi-Platform support!
Zenguardian is available as a Windows, Mac OS/X, Red Hat Linux, Suse, Debian, FreeBSD and other Linux/Unix derivatives. The client web interface remains the same, no more individual platform training they are all the same!

Local On-Site Backup
Backup to a local USB drive, NAS drive, or SAN stack. Maintain multiple versions and archives, restore from any version in minutes. No restrictions on storage amount, you pay as little as $5/month* for each client machine.

Off-Site Backup
You choose how much data to store off-site, replicate your daily backups, or set up a weekly archive, it’s your choice. You only pay for the amount of storage space in our facility, the data is compressed on the fly so ZenGuardian even saves you money on storage space. Backups are synchronized on the fly, only changes are backed up and replicated reducing backup time. In addition direct gigabit fiber access to our facility is available for the largest most demanding jobs.

I’ve tried off-site backups before, but after a week it never completed over our companies DSL line!
With ZenGuardian and CSS we can fix this problem and supply you with a full backup of your systems. Through our service we create a complete backup at your site onto a portable drive, 500GB data no problem. We pick up your drive after the initial backup has completed, transport it to our facility and upload it (yes still encrypted) to our servers, your backup job then updates changes to our off-site servers!

My Internet access is too slow to support my backup!
If you would like a more robust connection such as Gigabit fiber optic access, high speed cable access, aggregated DSL service, or high speed dedicated fixed wireless CSS Communications can deliver!

Where is my Data?
Your data is located in one of CSS Communications secure data centers, you pick the location (Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Everett, Seattle, Yakima, Spokane), you always know where your data is, and who has access to it, no more auditor worries about the “Cloud”. You no longer need to be concerned about uncomfortable PCI audits, or trying to describe where your data is, CSS can show you the actual device your data is on!

Is my data secure?
Zenguardian features user configured encryption (with keys up to 448 bit) guarantees data privacy and facilitates compliance with regulatory policies. Only you can decrypt the data, and you know where it is!

Full HTML Reporting and E-Mail Alerting
What does your backup look like? How well is compression working? Did my last backup succeed? All of these questions can be answered via the heads up client dashboard and your personal e-mail alerts! No more failed backups discovered when you are attempting to restore!

Individual file restores in under a minute!
You will spend more time locating the file in the directory structure than restoring the file. No more cataloging tapes, waiting for a tape to re-index, or trying to locate the exact tape for restore. With an off-site archive the backups are available immediately, as long as you like.  No hunting for that missing incremental backup that has the file you need.

I accidentally saved over the top of my main spreadsheet, now what?
No problem, load your browser, log into ZenGuardian and in less than 10 minutes you can restore an archival copy of your spreadsheet.

Server Support
Open File Backup using Volume Shadow Copy Service
Real Time backup of Active Directory, Microsoft SQL and MySQL database
Complete backup of Sharepoint Services
Exchange Server and individual Exchange Mailbox backup & restore
Complete Windows Server disk images automatically, 24×7, on-site and off-site!

Workstation Support
Perfect for roaming laptops or home users that want their information kept safe.
My Documents
Outlook / Outlook Express PST support
Internet Explorer / Firefox Bookmarks
Registry and System State Backups

What about software upgrades?
You will never be out of date again, the ZenGuardian service includes free software upgrades over the life of your service, no more expensive upgrades!

Reseller Support
Are you an integrator or consultant that is looking for the ultimate solution for your clients? Would you like a reseller interface you manage and monitor for your clients, and invoice them directly? ZenGuardian is your product.

The Ultimate Solution for large customers
In addition to all of the capabilities we have already discussed, large customers will find this system to be unparalleled by others. In addition to backup servers, and backup replication, and nearly unlimited storage, the system supports location clustering and resiliency unlike any cloud solution you can find. All within reach, and at a price anyone can afford. Call for a complete on-site demo.

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